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It’s important for you to get the most out of investing your hard earned money. Where you choose to invest is paramount, and will naturally depend on your appetite towards investing.

The aim of our investment panel is to select, research and analyse leading funds to make sure the investment you seek is aligned with your financial goals and portfolio objectives. HULT investment funds are the benchmark. They are carefully selected and actively monitored. Clients are kept informed monthly, or according to preference via email, phone or in person at our offices.

Lewis Hill.

CEO – HULT Private Capital

At HULT we take time to understand your personal preferences and considerations, delivering security inline with your investment timescales.

“Making the right investment at the right time is a skill few acquire. Invest with a company that has the ability to deliver results when they matter most”— Lewis Hill

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Investment Team:

All investments have risks. Property investments are relatively illiquid and it could take some time to liquidate these types of investment. The investments introduce by HULT are from platforms designed for professional investors who understand the risks associated with property investments and are comfortable with that level of risk. We recommend Investors and Funders seek independent advice and undertake their own due diligence.
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In line with the FCA guidelines please note, these investments are classed as high risk. You could lose all of your money invested in these products. Investments presented are unregulated, non-readily realisable, non transferable securities. Investors should be aware that past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance or returns and you may not get back all of your original investment. Prospective Investors are strongly advised to seek independent financial advice from an authorised person who specialises in advising on non-readily realisable securities. Tax treatments is dependant on investor circumstances and these are subject to change. Investors are advised to seek appropriate tax advice to clarify their position.